All the time in the world

I must stop drinking that much when I go out. It’s not much often, but it’s getting weirder and weirder. I can’t remember what I did last night for so long that I can’t even remember how long. That damned vodka knocked me out. It’s a good thing that my friends were as drunk as I, but it doesn’t help to explain how the night ended.

I have two clear moments in my mind, but don´t ask me what happened in between. In the first I was dancing and urgently needed to go to the bathroom. Then, I was in the sofa with that strange boy by my side, making me drink water. The dance floor had less bodies moving than at that urgent moment. And there were two water bottles in front of me, both empty. And this gentle boy looking at me. For how long did he stay there given me water?

I know him from school. He’s from the unpopular crowd: clever and unsociable. You try to chat with them and soon you realize that you didn’t read the right books; you neither watched the right movies, nor even listened to the right music. They make you feel foolish, with nothing good in your cultural background.

So, why does this boy took care of an ashamed drunk girl from first year? I’m not even in the beauty crowd, nor skinny or fashionable. I was afraid to ask him and hear something that could make me feel even more ashamed. So I stayed silent, and drank the water obediently. When he thought I was better, he brought me a can of soda.

– Feeling right?
– Uh-hum.
– Want to go out?
– Uh-hum!

The air outside was incredibly good to breathe, so I did a mental note: stop smoking. We walked in silence to the lot. While I fastened my seat belt, I was trying to find the right way to tell him that I wanted go home. He was staring at me and I stood frozen, staring back. Oh, no, I’m lost. We kissed. Surprisingly good. So soft, so smooth, so charming. I was lost in two thousand levels of sensations when I heard him whisper: You kiss as if you have all the time in the world. I couldn’t breathe or open my eyes, but that overwhelming kiss didn’t came back.

Now I have a cup of coffee in my sweaty hands and my heart id beating in crazy cycles. I couldn’t imagine this boy capable of having a conversation, but here we ar we are chatting since our classes session ended. I’m trying to stay cool, or at least I’m pretending it. He makes me smile easily and all I want is another kiss with all the time of the world.


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  1. nice. : )


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