He popped up in my dreams again. Gorgeous, as usual. Making me feel like I’m very pleasant to look at, like I’m very desirable. He talked to me closely, looking down to my eyes, one second to my lips, again into my eyes. But, somehow, not close enough to make anyone around us notice what was going on. Only the two of us knew how close we were, how hazardous that closeness was.Suddenly we were alone in God-knows-where. I couldn’t resist any longer. I grabed him and we kissed. What a delightful kiss! His soft lips moving slowly over mine, his strong hands gently holding my head. I felt as lost as I know I would feel if it was in the real world. Thank you, Lord, for not allowing it to happen in real life, because if it happen when I’m awake, I’m afraid I won’t be strong enough to resist. He’s a Devil’s Temptation and I intend to remain a good wife.


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