The mentor

One brilliant mind in a hot body is the kind of thing God brings to this world to turn smart women into weak sinners. He’s ten years older than me and I’ve always wondered how many interesting things he’s got to teach me. He’s kind of my mentor. Clever, experienced, a man who can keep any conversation in the highest level and you don’t even notice until you think about the topic hours latter. His big eyes seems near to pop out when he’s excited in a conversation, I bet I’m not the only one unable to look away. All settled in a bulky body, not much taller than me. In the top of everything, a breathtaking smile. Sometimes I try to show him how good I’m becoming, I want him to admire me, too. But I know I can’t keep up with him, soon I turn to the audience mode, just encouraging him to goes on and on. As I watch him, I play with the thought of how good it would be to have this man, so smart and strong, naked in my bed.

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